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Raymond M Maxwell DDS PS Reviews

At Dr. Max's, we proudly serve the families, both adults and children, in and around the communities of Monroe, Snohomish and Sultan, Washington with the most advanced and effective orthodontic care. Our office is state-of-the-art. We embrace the power of technology to make your treatment more efficient. We offer advanced orthodontic solutions, like SureSmile, Invisalign and Damon System Braces. We always strive to make your orthodontic experience fun, comfortable and, most importantly, results focused, leaving you beaming with a perfect smile! Make sure to check us out on Facebook.

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Review Verified on 4/13/2017
"The entire staff at Dr.Max's office is outstanding! I wasn't excited about getting braces as an adult but Dr. Max discussed more than one treatment option with me so I could pick the one that worked best. I have made many referrals to friends and my three kids are all receiving treatment here. Thank you Dr.Max and staff!"

Review Verified on 4/13/2017
"Our experience with Dr. Max has been great. Quick and easy. Ileana's smile looks great!"

Review Verified on 4/12/2017
"We have been so pleased with brynn's treatment. The team have done a fabulous job of keeping her on track, being gentle, and communicating effectively with us as parents. Thanks so much!"

Review Verified on 4/11/2017
"Dr Maxwell and his team are wonderful! They are professional, efficient, reassuring and kind. They make the journey of having braces pleasant and as comfortable as possible. Dr. Maxwell is a genius in creating the perfect smile. He answers concerns and takes time to explain everything. I am a retired senior citizen who dreamed of one day having a beautiful smile. Dr. Maxwell made that dream come true."

Review Verified on 4/11/2017
"The process was really quick and was nicely done"

Review Verified on 4/5/2017
"What a great experience. High tech and very professional yet friendly and down to earth ."

Review Verified on 4/5/2017
"Dr. Max was a wonderful orthodontist. He and his staff were considerate and caring thoughout the whole process. They explained things thourghly and carefully making sure that we understood what was happening. I always enjoyed my visits (as much as an orthodontist visit could be enjoyed!). I am thankful for their dedication to their craft. Thank you so much Dr. Max for these 9+ years!!!"

Review Verified on 4/3/2017
"They fixed my teeth"

Review Verified on 3/29/2017
"They we're very nice and scheduling appointments was so easy"

Review Verified on 3/28/2017
"Great office and staff. Always able to get in and out quickly. My son's teeth are looking great and he is really excited."

Review Verified on 3/28/2017
"Always friendly and helpful, you guys make everything easy for me"

Review Verified on 3/27/2017
"We have been long patients of Dr. Max. Our son Ethan was second in line to receive braces and today he is finally getting them removed. Dr. Max was very patient with Ethan during his months of treatment due to Ethan being young (8-10) and not always loving having to abide by the rules of head gear wearing! I absolutely recommend this office! Not only is Dr. max great but the staff working for him are WONDERFUL!!"

Review Verified on 3/8/2017
"Really nice people, great quality service. Not disappointed!"

Review Verified on 3/8/2017
"I love this ortho. I think hat t is the best one in Washington"

Review Verified on 2/28/2017
"Best ortho ever!!"

Review Verified on 2/13/2017
"The rate says it all"

Review Verified on 2/13/2017
"Great professional people"

Review Verified on 1/25/2017
"Dr Max is an excellent doctor with an excellent staff that does their job very well."

Review Verified on 1/3/2017
"Awesome staff!! Always take great care of you and get you in and out as fast as possible!"

Review Verified on 1/3/2017
"Always very nice very early in the morning. Always good to work with and answered all my questions very politely, everyone is very nice and expierenced."

Review Verified on 1/3/2017
"I had a great experience!"

Review Verified on 12/20/2016
"Increadably nice people, willing to accommodate, do their work well and care about patients wellfare."

Review Verified on 12/19/2016
"Having my treatment done with Dr. Max was amazing. Dr. Max and his staff were always so positive and just the sweetest people ever, and that made me enjoy my braces experience even more. THANK YOU SO MUCH"

Review Verified on 12/15/2016
"Definitely the most kind and accommodating staff I've met. Everyone is so personable! While in the chair I rarely felt nervous or uncomfortable about what was going on in my mouth like I have sometimes do elsewhere. Dr. Max is especially careful when working on patients and I don't think he ever accidentally pinched, cut, jabbed or did anything else to me. Stacy was also always so nice and helpful, even when I was late or needed to reschedule an appointment."

Review Verified on 12/14/2016
"Great people"

Review Verified on 12/6/2016
"Everyone is wonderful, kind and always helpful! Love Dr. Max and his staff and will always recommend to family and friends!"

Review Verified on 12/1/2016
"I had a wonderful experience here at Dr. Max's Orthodontic. My teeth are finally lined up and I can smIle with confidence."

Review Verified on 11/30/2016
"Really helped my teeth, they're no longer messed up and actually look great now. They have a great and friendly staff."

Review Verified on 11/29/2016
"Great office staff. Offers help for all age groups."

Review Verified on 11/21/2016
"Dr. Max was absolutely awesome! The staff were always so nice and helpful, and sure smile made it so I could get my braces off much earlier than I was expecting, which was really amazing! The experience over all was great and I'm really glad I got my braces from Dr. Max!"

Review Verified on 11/21/2016
"Made my teeth look alot better, good job, thank you!"

Review Verified on 11/14/2016
"Great orthodontics, really care about their patients and make sure you have a great outcome with you teeth!"

Review Verified on 11/14/2016
"I had braces on for a little more than a year and had a wonderfull experience! The staff is welcoming and very warming, and Dr.Max is great at what he does. I would recommend this place for anybody that wants a beautiful smile!"

Review Verified on 11/2/2016
"I've been going to Doctor Max for 8 years and they have treated me so nicely, even when I didn't have my braces on."

Review Verified on 10/26/2016
"Thank you, For always being so nice to me and also being considerat and the nicest people here. Ps. Thank you for the free coffee"

Review Verified on 10/20/2016
"Thanks for being so nice while helping me get my braces on and off!"

Review Verified on 10/18/2016
"So happy with the service, I just started my treatment with dr max and I am already in awe with my smile! I would recommended dr max and his staff to anyone."

Review Verified on 10/5/2016
"I have been coming to dr Max's office for some time now. The entire staff has been very friendly and professional! From Stacy at the front desk, Katrina working on my teeth, to dr max. Dr. Max is very informative and strives to making your smile the best it can be. This is one office I love going to!"

Review Verified on 10/5/2016
"We've been patients through various cycles of orthodontia with Doctor Max since 2008 and couldn't be happier with the results. We appreciate his high-quality and best-practices approach as well as his extremely friendly, outgoing, and kind-hearted staff. Doctor Max is a class act and I'm so glad we chose to partner the kids with him for their orthodontics. :)"

Review Verified on 10/5/2016
"Very helpful, hardworking and friendly staff"

Review Verified on 9/21/2016
"Answered all of my questions & conserns! Thank you for not making braces so bad haha !"

Review Verified on 9/8/2016
Reviews 169 - 210 of 224

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